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Appliance Installation In Etobicoke, Vaughan, Maple & Markham

Whenever you purchase new or previously-owned appliances, installation may or may not be included in the price, depending on the company you bought them from. It may seem like an easy task but DIY appliance installation can be difficult in some cases. Furthermore, it can be potentially dangerous if you lack the experience that professional installers have. Hiring a qualified installation service like GTA Appliance Repair will ensure that your appliances are installed safely; so, there is no threat to your Etobicoke and Vaughn household, and your family members.

The Hazards of DIY Installation

You may be asking yourself “What could go wrong if I do the installation?” For starters, there’s more to installing appliances than merely moving it into place and plugging it in. For example, the installation of a new dishwasher requires hooking the appliance up to your plumbing, or a new stove could require both electrical and gas hook-ups. These appliances must be hooked up correctly and safely. You could incur hundreds if not thousands of dollars in water damage if that dishwasher is not hooked up properly.

Appliance installation should not be taken lightly because of your exposure to electricity and natural gas or propane. Improper wiring can result in electrocution or fire. Gas is highly flammable so you must ensure that there are no leaks. This could lead to carbon monoxide poisoning, and in some cases explosions. Furthermore, there may be building codes and regulations enforced by the city of Markham that you may have to adhere to and be compliant with.

Why Should You Hire GTA Appliance Repair?

Given the information above, it just makes more sense to hire GTA Appliance Repair for all your appliance installation needs. Our installation services can maximize the performance of your appliances. We know what to expect where the performance of different appliances is concerned. And, can make whatever adjustments are necessary to ensure that they work as efficiently as possible.

When you hire our appliance installation services, we do all the heavy lifting and moving, so you don’t break your back. Our technicians are used to doing this daily, and are fully trained in the installation of all types of appliances. Whether it’s a clothes dryer, dishwasher, oven and range, refrigerator, or washing machine; we’ve got you covered no matter how big or how small the job is. We give equal importance to all jobs and ensure that you get the best service under all circumstances.

The most important reason to hire GTA Appliance Repair for appliance installation in Etobicoke and Markham is to ensure that your floors, countertops, and walls do not get damaged in the set-up process. If you’re not properly trained in this type of work, the damages that result could be costly. Why risk the safety of your household and the people living in it? Contact us today for a free installation quote.

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