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Expert washer repair services at affordable and competitive rates. From odd noises, drainage problems, or water leaks, we will get your washing machine working efficiently again. Contact us today!

GTA Washing MachineRepair

Expert washer repair services at affordable and competitive rates. From odd noises, drainage problems, or water leaks, we will get your washing machine working efficiently again. Contact us today!

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GTA Washer repair

GTA Appliance Repair excels in washer and appliance repair services throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Competitively priced packages, and no-obligation quotes, our repair services and customer support stand out from the competition.

For all your kitchen and laundry appliance repair needs in the GTA, our team is here to assist. If you have any inquiries or need assistance with appliance repairs, don’t hesitate to reach out.

Common washer issues and fixes


Make sure the drain hose is free of kinks or twists. Use a plumber’s snake to clear any blockages.

Sometimes, coins or other small objects can accidentally enter the hose, causing potential issues. Detaching the hose and thoroughly cleaning it out may be necessary to resolve the problem.

To prevent clogs, make it a habit to check your clothing pockets before tossing them into the washer. This practice helps avoid losing socks or other items that could obstruct your drain.

To ensure your machine drains effectively, avoid overloading it. Heavy, large loads can strain and potentially damage your washer.

An alternative approach is to rebalance the load by combining smaller, lighter items with larger, heavier ones to optimize your washer’s performance.


If you’re dealing with a faulty motor, the experts at GTA Appliance Repair are ready to help. Our washer repair services, backed by licensed and insured technicians, are available to replace your motor and get your laundry back on track.

Motor issues can arise from various factors, including inadequate maintenance, foreign objects, and vibrations. Vibrations may result from a loose bearing, misalignment, or even a design flaw within the motor.

In some cases, it’s possible to fix a faulty motor without needing a complete replacement, depending on the damage extent.

One common issue related to a malfunctioning motor is a broken thermal switch located between the Gemini dual-drum and the motor. This switch opens when the motor overheats, indicating that the motor should be promptly shut down.

Diagnosing an overheating motor with a faulty thermal switch can be straightforward using an ohmmeter test. If the resistance reading is notably high (typically exceeding 1 ohm), it’s a clear sign of a malfunctioning thermal switch.

Clogged Pump

If there’s an obstruction in the washer’s pump, your washer may struggle to drain properly.

To check for a potential clogged pump, disconnect the hose connected to it and visually inspect for blockages. If you find an obstruction, use pliers to remove it and then reconnect the hose. For this type of washing machine repair, rely on the expertise of GTA  Appliance Repair.

Using a plumber’s snake to dislodge the clog can also be effective for minor blockages. However, for deeper clogs, it’s advisable to seek professional assistance from an appliance repair expert in the GTA.

Additionally, assess your hose for kinks or other issues by submerging it in a bucket of water and slowly lowering it to the ground. If the water drains sluggishly, it indicates a clog in the drain hose.

If none of these methods resolve the clog, it may be necessary to replace the pump. You can acquire a new one from your local appliance parts retailer or online sources. Once replaced, reattach the hose and pump belt as needed.

Faulty Pump Pulley

When your washer emits an unpleasant, high-pitched whining noise during its spin cycle, it could indicate a malfunctioning water pump pulley. A faulty pulley can overheat, leading to damage to the pump bearings.

Our appliance repair experts are well-equipped to handle this task. They will disassemble part of the machine to access the motor and address the issue effectively.


The drain hose connects your washer to the external drainage pipe and can often become clogged with small fibers from clothing and other items. When this happens, replacing the hose is necessary.

Before reaching out to a technician, there are a few steps you can take to address this issue. Start by examining your hoses for any signs of bending or damage. If you find a bend, try to straighten it out.

An alternative approach is to use a shop vac to vacuum the hose. If no water comes out after this process, it indicates the hose is clogged and needs to be replaced.

If your drain hose remains clogged, a kink might be obstructing the water flow. In such cases, using a drain snake can help dislodge and clear the hose, restoring proper drainage.

Additional potential issues for a malfunctioning drain hose include a faulty water inlet valve or an electrical fault. A malfunctioning water inlet valve can cause the machine to fill with water without the proper command, while an electrical issue can jam the water pump, hindering the drainage process. Our will diagnose these problems and perform the necessary washer repairs.

Fauly Control Panel

If you suspect your washing machine’s control panel is malfunctioning, consider these steps to address the issue. First, reach out to a professional for washer repair in the GTA. Our licensed and insured experts, with years of experience, can diagnose and promptly resolve such concerns.

Alternatively, you can disconnect the washing machine from the power source and replace the defective control panel. Approach this task with extreme caution, as it can pose electrical hazards. After replacing the faulty control board, check whether the washer operates correctly. Use a multimeter to test for continuity between the terminals on the control board. If continuity is absent, the control board may not have been the issue.

Testing and repairing a faulty control panel can be complex, and sometimes replacement is necessary. To avoid unnecessary replacement, its best to consult a professional.

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