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Stove Repair In Etobicoke, Vaughan, Maple & Markham

Every Vaughn household depends on their stoves for preparing home-cooked meals that can be shared when spending quality time with family. It can easily be said that the comforts and conveniences that our stoves provide are some of the most important ones in our households today. Unfortunately, for all the enjoyment and togetherness that these appliances provide, we tend to ignore their need for regular maintenance and take them for granted.

So, when your stove breaks down or malfunctions and its taking you increasingly longer to get meals prepared, you’re faced with a very important decision. Do you incur the cost of replacing your stove with a newer model or do you call the professionals at GTA Appliance Repair for expert stove repair services in Vaughn or in Etobicoke. You might be surprised to find out that the problem can be corrected with a simple, inexpensive repair. You may put your purse or wallet away and relax knowing that we’ve got you covered.

Let’s Talk About Stoves

Today’s stoves are manufactured as 100% electric or a combination of electric and gas (natural gas or propane). The average electric stove has a life expectancy of roughly 16 years while gas stoves can last up to 20. There are specific reasons why either type of stove starts to have issues, or breaks down before its time; with two very common ones being misuse and overuse. However, normal wear and tear without preventative care and maintenance over time will shorten a stove’s life expectancy, as well.

Common Stove Issues

When you contact the GTA Appliance Repair specialists for stove repair services, in Markham, you can be assured that the technician who arrives to do the repair is skilled in all facets of the job. Our trained professionals can repair any major brand and even some of the lesser known ones. The more common stove issues that we fix include:

  • broken burner knobs
  • ceramic glass stove top is cracked
  • electric heating elements aren’t working
  • gas burners aren’t working
  • indicator lights remain on
  • timer doesn’t work

When it comes to repairing stove problems, our factory trained and certified technicians have seen just about everything when taking care of customers throughout the Greater Toronto Area. When you call us for service, we will diagnose the problem and suggest the proper repair solution quickly and efficiently. Our technicians will arrive with all the needed tools and replacement parts to ensure that the appliance is repaired on the same visit. This saves time and helps you get the stove repaired quickly.

We understand how frustrating and inconvenient it can be for your stove and/or oven to quit working or stop working properly. That is why we make any customer’s appliance our #1 priority, whenever we are called out for maintenance and repairs. For more information regarding stove repair services in Vaughn, or the surrounding areas, contact GTA Appliance Repair today. You may also discuss your needs for a preventative maintenance plan to protect your appliances.

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